Welcome to the website of the cAt project

In 2006, the Belgian Federal Government commissioned the realisation of the cAt project to ONDRAF/NIRAS. This project offers a solution for disposal of low-level and medium-level radioactive short-lived waste (in short: category A waste) in Belgium.

The cAt project is unique in terms of the way in which the repository in the municipality Dessel will be integrated into a social, added-value project for the region in the long term.

Until 2012 the cAt project is in its design phase. This will be followed by construction of the repository and realisation of all relating sub-projects. Operation of the repository is expected to start in 2016.

ONDRAF/NIRAS provides an initial description of all aspects of the cAt project in a Master plan.

An English version of the Master plan
can be downloaded here:


A summary of the Master plan is available as a brochure and can be downloaded here:

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